A New Life

This blog was created for a class I am currently taking focused around “Is One Life Enough?” By using social media accounts and constantly interacting with others virtually we are creating an online identity. For some, it is easy to be anything they want behind the screen of their computer. I will be exploring this appeal mostly through the site Second Life. On this blog I will be posting about my experiences, and also tweeting about them on the account found in my profile.

The picture above is of my avatar in Second Life. I tried to make it look like I do, but of course we all like to think we are stunning and take any chance to make ourselves look better. In this world you can be anything you want to be, so why not give yourself a little confidence boost? Or you could go the opposite way and be a vampire, whatever makes you happy.

During this process I expect to learn the basics of how to live in the second life world. I will be sharing my experiences and new findings within the world over this duration. I also expect to learn how to fully utilize this blog and Twitter account. My technology skills are not up to par in a century where it is almost essential to know your way around the internet and social media. Finally, I expect to learn/experience the reasons why companies and classrooms are using virtual worlds. I have no doubt that this will be enlightening in these aspects.

Besides the technical aspect of things, I hope to learn the appeal behind the Second Life world and why anyone would want to spend days upon days inside of it. Anyone can do anything online, but that doesn’t change who they are in the real world. I am curious to find out the reason why others created another life for themselves virtually. There are business and educational purposes available, but what about everyone else? Is it because they are looking to have fun like a video game? Is it because they feel like they are worth more online than in real life? Or has our society increased it’s pace so much that having just one life isn’t enough?


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